Hi friend!

I work as a software engineer at Mymee, where we help clients with autoimmune diseases figure out the dietary and lifestyle triggers for their symptoms. This improves their lives directly from the symptom reduction, but also indirectly from the elimination of medication and the side-effects they usually come with.

At Lunarworks, a startup studio I founded, I design and build out various ideas and see what sticks. Two things I'm currently working on are Pingmatic, which allows people to set up uptime and end-to-end tests for their web applications and APIs, and Songtender, which allows bars and other venues to offer a jukebox to their guests without any hardware.

You can find me on Instagram and Twitter, but I'm far more likely to respond in a somewhat timely manner when you e-mail me: iam [at] faridelnasire.com. Occasionally I try to disconnect for a period of deep work, so I may respond a bit late.